Cirque du Soleil’s MJ tribute at Dubai World Trade Centre

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MJ SDS  DubaiWe are by no doubt great fans of the late MJ, so when we heard Cirque du Soleil would be having an MJ tribute at Dubai World Trade Centre, there was no way we were going to miss it.

Sadly we where pretty disappointed, the world renowned Cirque du Soleil name carries a lot of weight and rightfully so, boasting rights to some of the world most professional and talented producers, directors and artists are definately granted, even a youtube video is enough to have you in awe, let alone a live performance. Unfortunately what we expected was not what was delieverd, its a good thing the clips and music of MJ where there to ease the pain of mediocre choreographies and messy delieveries. Even when MJ isn’t present he is still the star of the show. Poor audio, a badly thought out seating plan, interference of external lighting and extortionate ticket prices where amongst some of the things that took away from the magic of the show. 20140106_222456 Ok ok it wasn’t all that bad, the live band, contortionists, pole dancer and acrobatics along with the LED suits, LED stages and tumbling floor where a great watch and our team was definitely happy to see the tree logo.  All in all we give the show a 5/10 and give MJ a 10/10. View in Instagram ⇒

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