World Bboy Classic Qatar from 2012 to 2014

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The World Bboy Classic Qatar edition,

Entering its third consecutive year, the Battle will take place on the 16th of May 2014 at Doha City Center.

Hakim at ibe

The  Founder  of  WBC  Qatar also known as Hakim aka Hakoomy of the Mighty Jokers Crew,  is  an  Egyptian Bboy based  in  Qatar.

Hakim told us “WBC 2010 was the first International battle I ever attended in my life, I was really inspired and I thought ‘I want to bring this to the Middle East’, I first contacted Niek for WBC and then he introduced me to Tyrone.”

hakim_niek Hakim_and_tyroneThe idea started to gain momentum after  Hakim  was  visiting Holland  to  attend “The Notorious  IBE” in 2011 (Hip Hop/Bboy festival now in its 16th year). Hakim along with other middle east representatives met with the WBC team and discussed further the possibility of brining the event to the Middle East. In April 2012 the Idea became a reality.


2012 marked the first ever World Bboy Classic Qualifier to take place in the history of the event. The 2vs2 competition took place in Doha within an event named “The Bboy Battle Middle East” at the Barwa shopping festival.


2012 WBC Qatar Line Up

Year one was a great success, Bboys from around the Middle East came down to Doha for a chance to make their way to the World Final.  Battles took place on stage in front of  a large LED screen displaying the WBC Logo, a constant reminder to the Bboys why they were all there.


Judges on the day where Billy Boy, Pokemon Crew (FRA), Marcio, Legiteam Obstruxion (FRA) and Elpee, Ruggeds (NED) beats were supplied by DJ Mr Tee (aka Tyrone IBE/WBC) and the hype came from MC Tamer URS (WBCQ Co-Founder)

After a night of heated battles many of those who showed up for a shot at the title had been eliminated the final Battle had arrived but only one crew would make it to the World Final.


2012 Final Battle


Winners: Breakonoligists: Jazzy Zilla (Bahrein/UAE) + Lazy (Saudi Arabia) knocked out the opposing crew SNK REVO: Dark+Kilwa (Oman). Winners went on to represent in the qualification of World BBoy Classic 2012 on July 14th at Street Science Festival 2012 in Rotterdam the Netherlands.


zillaxLazy wbc winners 2012

Zilla+ Lazy Shot Taken in at the World Finals


To be continued……






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